Delivering a Sound Experience Appropriate to Your Space.


Allow our experienced specialists to work with you to design the audio environment right for your needs.

Audio may mean different things to different people. Midwest Computer Products, Inc. (MCP) covers the bases with audio solutions from leading manufacturers such as JBL, Crown, Harman, Shure, Sound Tube, and others.  Assistance with type, location, room environment, room capacity, and other factors affecting sound quality and amplification are used to formulate the best sound solution.  From speakers and sound systems to voice amplification and more, MCP has the right selection of audio products for your room.

A calibrated arrangement of components intended to capture and amplify sound properly throughout an area.

Whether it’s a small meeting or large conference room, a municipality council or a corporate boardroom, all sound systems are configured based on the space.  And so, today’s sound systems are a blend of technology using microphones and loudspeakers delivering a highly tuned amplified signal that resonates throughout the space evenly.

Creating a unified blend of technologies working together takes a combined blend of knowledge and overall experience.

ListenLOOP. Simply Listen.

Listen Technologies is the exclusive distributor of Ampetronic Hearing Loop Solutions in North America. This partnership enables Listen Technologies customers to enjoy all the advantages of innovative hearing loop technology from a market leader with over 29 years of experience.

Ensure Your Attendees or Visitors Never Miss a Single Sound
Delivering Audio from Directional Speakers, Headphones & In-Ear Monitors
Making Intelligible Sound Accessible for the Hearing Impaired


We are proud to use only industry leading products. It defines the difference we seek to make with all our projects. It's why we do what we do.